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Driving a three-wheel motorcycle provides a fun and exciting ride unlike any other. And any one of the models in the Vanderhall lineup is an automotive experience all its own. Those who love the adrenaline rush of driving a trike will likely be wowed by what Vanderhall has to offer. Whether you’ve already had the pleasure of this experience and are actively looking for a Vanderhall for sale, or you’re weighing your options and want to test drive one for yourself, Vanderhall of Greensboro is the right dealer for the job.


With decades of experience and a passion for selling these unique machines, Vanderhall of Greensboro will impress from start to finish.

Find a Great 3 Wheel Motorcycle for Sale from a Team with Knowledge and Experience

It’s not hard to find a dealer to sell you a car or truck, they’re practically everywhere. It is a little trickier, however, to find one that has a 3 wheel motorcycle for sale. Despite the incredible fun and excitement that these machines bring to the road, they occupy a small niche in the market as compared to traditional passenger vehicles. And that’s okay – those who own a Vanderhall wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you are ready to test drive or purchase one of these head-turning vehicles, consider Vanderhall of Greensboro, a local dealer with an exceptional sales team and stellar inventory. Some of the features that help this dealership stand out from the rest are:

Experience. If you want to do business with a dealership that is well-versed in the sales and customer experience, Vanderhall of Greensboro is a safe choice. The team decades of experience in all aspects of the automotive business, from sales and finance, to service, and beyond. That experience provides a smooth and hassle-free process, something any buyer can appreciate.

Specialty knowledge. Not every dealer possesses the same level of product knowledge and familiarity as the staff at Vanderhall. And you’ll be the direct beneficiary of that knowledge. Any questions you have about these products are sure to receive a helpful answer when you visit the dealership.

Plenty to choose from. One of the features that sets Vanderhall of Greensboro apart from other dealers is the extensive inventory which is kept on site. Whether you are looking for a brand new Venice model, the Edison, or the exciting new Carmel, you are likely to find something that suits your tastes.

Quality Service. The Vanderhall product line of 3 wheel motorcycles is impressive for its reliability, but all vehicles need routine service from time to time. When that time comes, Vanderhall of Greensboro offers a service department specifically designed to care for your cycle. Finding proper care for these machines can be tricky due to their unique nature, so having a reliable service department on hand is a huge benefit.

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Perhaps more than anything else, what Vanderhall of Greensboro sells is an experience. The experience to drive something that many other drivers will not have seen on the road. Also, the feel of the wind rushing by as you cruise toward your destination – something you don’t usually enjoy in a passenger car. No matter what your motivation may be for looking for a Vanderhall for sale, Vanderhall of Greensboro is ready to assist.

To see and drive a Vanderhall for yourself, take some time to visit the showroom at 3909 W. Wendover Ave. Greensboro, NC 27407 or call (336) 890-6500 to schedule a test drive. With so many benefits and so much experience, Vanderhall of Greensboro is the right dealer for you.

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