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5 Major Differences Between a Trike and a Motorcycle

You may have seen trikes out on the road and wondered what the differences are between them and motorcycles. If you’ve never ridden either type before, this is a helpful comparison to determine which one you might prefer. One type of three wheel motorcycle in NC  to consider is a Vanderhall. Here are 5 major differences between Vanderhall trikes and traditional motorcycles. 

  1. Steering Mechanism. Vanderhall trikes have a steering wheel as opposed to handle bars. The steering wheel allows the driver to maneuver it just like a car, which is simpler for some. It tends to be much easier to learn to how to drive a Vanderhall than other types of motorcycles.  
  2. How it Handles on Curves and Turns. With motorcycles it is necessary for the rider to lean into turns and curves, shifting weight to help maneuver the bike around sharp turns without tipping over. Vanderhall trikes have two wheels in front and one in the back which stabilizes the vehicle and prevents it from tipping over. It’s possible to take turns and curves at higher speeds in a Vanderhall, allowing the driver to make better time getting to a destination.  
  3. Safety Features. Seatbelts are provided on a Vanderhall for the car-like seats as an added safety measure. Helmets are not required because of the body style and roll bars that protect the riders heads. The wheel configuration with two wheels in front and one in back is a stability feature that increases safety out on the road.  
  4. Comfort. A Vanderhall trike is always stable, even when stopped. There is need to prop it up with your foot while stopped at a light. There are actual seats with backs so the driver and passenger can lean back and relax, rather than straddle the seat and lean forward like on a traditional motorcycle. The passenger doesn’t have to hold on to keep from falling off either.  
  5. Body Style. The car-like body style of the Vanderhall three wheel motorcycle in NC is a highly distinguishable difference from a traditional motorcycle, such as a Harley Davidson. It’s even distinct from other three wheel motorcycles because there are two wheels in the front and one in the back, where others tend to be the other way around with one wheel up front and two in the back. The Vanderhall configuration is safer in many ways because of the greater stabilization and the front-wheel drive aspect.  

Find a Three Wheel Motorcycle in NC at Vanderhall of Greensboro 

Patrons from at least five states trust Vanderhall of Greensboro to be their certified dealer: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Vanderhall is a relatively new brand of vehicle, so dealerships are rare. The experts at Vanderhall of Greensboro have the experience and knowledge to recommend the right three wheel motorcycle in NC for you. Call (336) 890-6500 to schedule a test drive or visit 3909 West Wendover Avenue in Greensboro. The open road begs to driven on by a Vanderhall.  

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