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The Essential Guide to Purchasing a Vanderhall

Have you been eyeing a Vanderhall three wheel trike? With its sleek, car-like body style, open seating, and low suspension, it’s truly an eye-catching vehicle. A Vanderhall is classified as a motorcycle, but it rides more like a car with two wheels in front and one in the back. This format distinguishes it from other three wheel trikes on the road. Think you’re ready to get one? Here’s the essential guide to purchasing a Vanderhall.

Step 1: Test Drive. To be sure you really want a Vanderhall three wheel trike, it’s absolutely essential that you drive one. Find a Vanderhall dealer and get behind the wheel (yes, a Vanderhall has an actual steering wheel). Try it out on the open road. Test the steering, brakes, gears, and acceleration. Feel the wind in your hair as you glide over the asphalt. 

Step 2: Choose a Model. Vanderhall makes four models: Venice, Speedster, Edison, and Carmel. Venice is the two-seater standard model with a turbocharged gas engine, also available with the Grand Touring Package. Carmel is the luxury model with extra features for comfort and styleThe Speedster is the only one-seater model, but is the most economical in terms of purchase price. Last, but not least, Edison is the electric model with plenty of power and speed on the road.  

Step 3: Purchase/Finance it. If you’ve saved up the funds needed to purchase your Vanderhall outright, that’s great. But in case you haven’t, financing is available. You can look into vehicle financing at your personal financial institution or apply for financing through the dealership. Look for competitive interest rates and be prepared for a credit check. Typically the better your credit score, the lower the rate you can qualify for. But don’t let credit worries prevent you from applying for financing. There are ways to make financing possible for a wide variety of personal financial situations.  

Step 4: Enjoy it SafelyOnce you’ve secured financing and signed all the necessary paperwork, you’re ready to drive your Vanderhall three wheel trike out on the open road. When it comes to safe operation of your trike, you should always wear the seatbelts provided. Helmets are not required because of the car-like body style of the Vanderhall that offers greater protection. Drive on back roads to get the hang of the handling before taking your Vanderhall out on the freeway at high speeds. Check the weather before you head out for your own comfort as well as road conditions.  

Get your Very Own Three Wheel Trike at Vanderhall of Greensboro 

Looking for a Vanderhall dealer? There aren’t many out there because Vanderhall is a relatively new brand. Vanderhall of Greensboro is one of the only dealers in the Triad and even the state of NC. Call (336) 890-6500 to schedule a test drive or simply visit 3909 West Wendover Avenue in Greensboro to peruse the latest models and see why Vanderhall is the hottest new vehicle on the road.  

5 Major Differences Between a Trike and a Motorcycle

You may have seen trikes out on the road and wondered what the differences are between them and motorcycles. If you’ve never ridden either type before, this is a helpful comparison to determine which one you might prefer. One type of three wheel motorcycle in NC  to consider is a Vanderhall. Here are 5 major differences between Vanderhall trikes and traditional motorcycles. 

  1. Steering Mechanism. Vanderhall trikes have a steering wheel as opposed to handle bars. The steering wheel allows the driver to maneuver it just like a car, which is simpler for some. It tends to be much easier to learn to how to drive a Vanderhall than other types of motorcycles.  
  2. How it Handles on Curves and Turns. With motorcycles it is necessary for the rider to lean into turns and curves, shifting weight to help maneuver the bike around sharp turns without tipping over. Vanderhall trikes have two wheels in front and one in the back which stabilizes the vehicle and prevents it from tipping over. It’s possible to take turns and curves at higher speeds in a Vanderhall, allowing the driver to make better time getting to a destination.  
  3. Safety Features. Seatbelts are provided on a Vanderhall for the car-like seats as an added safety measure. Helmets are not required because of the body style and roll bars that protect the riders heads. The wheel configuration with two wheels in front and one in back is a stability feature that increases safety out on the road.  
  4. Comfort. A Vanderhall trike is always stable, even when stopped. There is need to prop it up with your foot while stopped at a light. There are actual seats with backs so the driver and passenger can lean back and relax, rather than straddle the seat and lean forward like on a traditional motorcycle. The passenger doesn’t have to hold on to keep from falling off either.  
  5. Body Style. The car-like body style of the Vanderhall three wheel motorcycle in NC is a highly distinguishable difference from a traditional motorcycle, such as a Harley Davidson. It’s even distinct from other three wheel motorcycles because there are two wheels in the front and one in the back, where others tend to be the other way around with one wheel up front and two in the back. The Vanderhall configuration is safer in many ways because of the greater stabilization and the front-wheel drive aspect.  

Find a Three Wheel Motorcycle in NC at Vanderhall of Greensboro 

Patrons from at least five states trust Vanderhall of Greensboro to be their certified dealer: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Vanderhall is a relatively new brand of vehicle, so dealerships are rare. The experts at Vanderhall of Greensboro have the experience and knowledge to recommend the right three wheel motorcycle in NC for you. Call (336) 890-6500 to schedule a test drive or visit 3909 West Wendover Avenue in Greensboro. The open road begs to driven on by a Vanderhall.  

The Best Places in NC to Drive your Three Wheel Motorcycle

Some roads are just meant to be traveled on a three wheel motorcycle. Experience the sights in ways you simply can’t from a car. If you’re looking for a new way to travel, consider Vanderhall three wheel trikes. They ride like a motorcycle with the comfort and protection of a car. Find a new or used Vanderhall for sale at Vanderhall of Greensboro. Then take it out on any or all of these open roads. 

The Blue Ridge ParkwaySpanning the length of the Appalachian mountain range from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia through North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a beautiful stretch of road with some breathtaking views along the way. Whether you drive it in its entirety or travel any part of it, you’ll love the experience all the more in your trike.  

The Cherohala SkywayIn the mountains of western North Carolina there is a road called the Cherohala Skyway, a name that combines “Cherokee” and “Nantahala”, the two national forests it passes through. As you navigate the sweeping curves you’ll see lush forests and scenic views. 

Tail of the DragonDrive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on this famous motorcyclists dream road. With over 300 curves in just 11 miles, you’ll be thankful for the stability that comes from your third wheel. Experience the Great Smoky Mountains from their start in NC to their finish in Tennessee.  

Myrtle Beach. You may have heard of Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, where motorcyclists from NC and all over the east coast ride to the beach to enjoy the sand and surf all while showing off their bikes. Be sure to ride safely as the motorcycle traffic will be heavy during Bike Week. Or avoid the traffic and ride to Myrtle Beach or other beach towns along the Carolina coast at other times of the year. Beach season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  

The Outer BanksOne of the most fascinating part of NC is the Outer Banks. Ride your trike over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and you’ll never forget the experience. Enjoy the waves on the surf side or the calmer waters of the sound side.  

Falls Lake/Downtown RaleighIf you’re looking for a great ride in central NC, perhaps something more urban, try the Downtown Raleigh to Falls Lake ride. Start in downtown Raleigh and travel north to Falls Lake, a 12,000 plus acre reservoir, and end up in north Raleigh. It’s a great combination of urban and rural roads, where you can enjoy the scenery and then grab a craft beer when you’re done.  

Looking for a Vanderhall for Sale? Greensboro is your Local Dealership 

You won’t find a Vanderhall dealer around every corner. In the state of North Carolina, your best option is Vanderhall of Greensboro. You can find motorcycles and even three wheel trikes anywhere, but if you’re looking for a Vanderhall for sale, choose a certified Vanderhall dealer. Vanderhall of Greensboro has an extensive inventory of new and preowned models, as well as a service center for maintenance and repairs. Call (336) 890-6500 or visit 3909 West Wendover Avenue in Greensboro.  

5 Advantages of Buying a Trike Over a Motorcycle

You may have seen them out on the road, three-wheeled motorcycles referred to as “trikes” for short. When one of these sleek machines races by, you notice. One particularly stunning style of trike on the market is the Vanderhall brand. The body style is more like a car or a street rod, with two wheels in the front, low seating, and one rear wheel. One such place to find these trikes for sale in NC is Vanderhall of Greensboro. Consider the many advantages of buying a trike over a motorcycle. 

  1. Stability. Three wheels offer greater stability than a 2-wheeled motorcycle, especially at higher speeds. Overall it’s easier for the rider to balance, both on straight stretches and around turns. Vanderhall trikes have two wheels in the front and one in the back, which offers the stability of a four-wheeled vehicle, but with greater maneuverability. 
  2. Unique Style. A trike not only stands out on the road, but it stands out in a group of bikers. Enjoy being the one different cycle in the gang. Vanderhall even stands out among trikes with its unique body style. Vanderhall trikes combine the best features of motorcycles and convertibles.  
  3. Comfort. The reclined seating in a Vanderhall trike is more comfortable than a standard motorcycle because instead of straddling a wider seat, you sit back more like the seat in a car. You have a backrest and headrest for even greater comfort, allowing you to take longer trips with fewer breaks. Your passenger sits right next to you, side-by-side, for easier communication. And technically speaking, helmets are not required.  
  4. Safety. There are a variety of ways that Vanderhall trikes are safer than other motorcycles. Vanderhall trikes have seatbelts. The seats themselves are situated within the body of the vehicle with four sides around them for better protection. Roll bars over each seat offer additional protection in case of an accident.  
  5. Suitable for Aging/Nervous Riders. As riders age, many are switching to trikes because they are easier to ride, more comfortable, and safer. Even those who are new to motorcycles can feel more comfortable riding a trikeSome men say that after getting a trike they were able to convince their wives to ride along. The key is, you don’t have to give up the feeling of riding a motorcycle because of your age or level of experience 

Test Drive Trikes for Sale in NC at Vanderhall of Greensboro and Experience the Difference. 

If you’ve been seeing Vanderhall trikes out on the road in your area, they likely came from Vanderhall of Greensboro. Vanderhall of Greensboro is a certified dealer of new and preowned models. The service department provides regular maintenance and repair services for all Vanderhall models, with certified technicians using original manufacturer parts. With trikes for sale in NC and at just a few dealerships across the US, it’s good to know you have a Vanderhall service department nearby. Call (336) 890-6500 or visit Vanderhall of Greensboro on 3909 West Wendover Avenue.  

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